ThyssenKrupp Supra

ThyssenKrupp Supra

ThyssenKrupp Supra Platform Lift: Suitable for flat and swivel stairs. Developed for wheelchair users, the supra brings you a step closer to your dreams.

Technical specifications Flat and swivel platform elevator
Carrying capacity 250 kg
Speed 0.07 m / s – 0.15 m / s (7 or 15 cm at the most)
Application location Interior and exterior, move on double rail

● Switch with key switch
● Move between 0 – 45 degree inclinations
● Safety sensors

Standard application locations:
● Social and public buildings, hospitals, hotels, universities
● Airports, museums, shopping centers

Useful information:
● Works on gear with 24 volt battery.
● 2 year warranty, 10 year parts and technical support guarantee.