Handicare Minivator 2000

Handicare Minivator 2000

MINIATOR 2000 SEATED STAIR ELEVATOR: Minivator 2000 seat stair elevator is a double stair seat stair elevator, suitable for people with a stair climbing problem and for the elderly. Thanks to its stylish design, the aesthetics move in harmony with the integrity of the environment with the options offered in the prioritized spaces.

Technical specifications Interior, staircase with rotating and staircase
Carrying capacity 135 kg
Speed 0.15 m / s (15 cm / s)

● Double rails
● Wireless remote control
● Joystick control on the seat
● Tilting between 0 and 55 degrees
● Seat cover in 6 different colors
● Safety belts and safety sensors

Useful information:
Systems operating on straight stairs between stair elevators are more economical than those of rotating stair elevators. It is among the priority systems preferred by the apartment, the nursing home, the office, the examination room and the health institutions in order to obtain the license.

Standard Fields of Application:
Duplex and triplex houses, common stairwells, hospitals, hotels and social facilities in common areas of apartments.