What is the warranty period of disabled elevators?

The period of guarantee that the TSE has legally determined for disabled elevators in our country is 2 years. Periods other than this are unofficial and can be given completely in the direction of initiative. There is no validity in the law. The factories are guaranteed 2 years of parts and technical support for a period of 10 years apart from the legal warranty period.

What is the principle of tottman in disabled elevators?

To express the Tottman principle in simple terms, we can say start-stop. The purpose is that the person uses the elevator entirely on his own will. Continuously pushing the buton in the direction that the person will go is the event of turning the key. The elevator will stop when the hand is pulled. It is a system designed to stop the elevator from moving completely in the direction of the user, in case of a possible accident. This elevator is the biggest difference that distinguishes between a disabled elevator and a normal elevator. Elevators without this feature are not considered as disabled elevators.

What is the max speed of elevators?

The speed of the disabled elevators varies according to the model and characteristics. Horizontal systems vary from 0,7 m / s to 0,15 m / s. Vertical systems have a speed of 0,15 m / sec.

What is the delivery time of disabled elevators?

Disability elevators are divided into seats, platforms and vertical systems. Average delivery times vary from 10 days to 70 days.

General information about disabled elevator

Recently, the use of disability elevator in our country with the incentive of laws has become more widespread than previous years. It is possible to see many different terraces, stair lifts, platform lifts and disabled elevators in different models. Stairlifts are an important solution to facilitate the lives of people with disabilities in social places, private properties, hospitals and schools. It is now easier to enjoy the summer in the pools and even in the seas for disabled access, thanks to the pool elevator. Economically, it is possible to find disabled elevators and stair lifts according to every budget. In the meantime, I find it useful to give the following information. Handicapped lifts, stair lifts, disabled lifts are all exempt from VAT. VAT for these elevators must not be paid absolutely.

What is the ramp of the disabled and what should be considered when taking it?

Disabled ramp should be preferred for places where physically disabled elevator can not be applied. There are fixed and foldable ones. They are sold with a meter account. Legally, a horizontal length of 1m is required for every 12cm height.

What is accessibility directing?

If accessibility regulation is a general definition, all the public and social places of the disabled and the elderly can be schools, hospitals, municipalities etc. as well as the common use area, is an act that describes the construction of infrastructure works necessary for independent entry, movement and departure on the premises.

What is the VAT exemption law?

All elevators for disabled and elderly people are exempt from VAT. the relevant law is as follows:
Article 17 of VAT Law Article 4 is exempt from VAT according to “s” which is added by Law No. 5378 dated 07.07.2005 and entered on the same date.

What should be considered when choosing a stair lift?

Stair lifts are divided into flat and rotary stair lifts. While the straight stair lifts are suitable for indoor and outdoor work, the rotary stair lifts are suitable for indoor work only. The rotary stair lifts are divided into two in themselves; double-raised stair lifts and single-raised stair lifts. The double-railing stair lifts have a railing like a staircase and are very fragmented. They are suitable for workplaces and public buildings. The single-railing stair lifts are 8 cm. wide track. From a cost perspective, double-staircase elevator elevators are more economical than single-staircase elevator elevators. Single-run stair lifts are more aesthetically pleasing and longer lasting. Straight stair lifts maximum 8mt. designed for cruising. They move in a single track. The swivel stair lifts are designed for a maximum of 4 cata. Stair lifts are elevators that are powered by electricity and are also charged with batteries. All stair lifts can be customized according to the user’s specifications (control type, seat design and fabric). All of the stair elevators are imported from abroad. Stair lifts are exempt from VAT. The legal warranty period is 2 years. Stair lifts can be applied to duplex and triplex individual houses, and it is possible to apply stair lifts in public places such as business premises. Production takes 3-4 weeks on average and installation takes 2-3 hours. Special project is made for each stair and it is produced specially.

Is there any government incentive for disabled elevators? If so, what?

There is only one state promotion for disabled elevators. VAT exemption is the room. Apart from that there is no legal incentive or law.

Is the license required for disabled elevators?

Machine directive speed is 0,15 m / s. a license is required for the elevators below.

What are the safety precautions for disabled elevators?

User safety is the priority in disabled elevators. In these elevators, safety sensors, audible warning, flaps, security bars, safety belts, floor coverings are applied in accordance with the models, depending on the models.

What should be the door width in disabled elevators?

Wheelchair widths are minimum 65cm and maximum 85cm, so door widths can not be narrower than 90cm for disabled lifts. This should be applied in horizontal platform lifts for convenient use.