As Güven Asansör we are serving “only” sales, consulting and technical support for disabled and elderly lifts.

Güven Asansör is an authorized dealer of globally accepted brands of handicapped and elderly elevators.

The disabled and elderly elevator sector, which has recently been developing in our country, has been developed and accepted at the beginning of the 2000s in the world and has taken its rightful place in the infrastructure.

Significant distances have been traversed shortly after awareness of local governments and the community and more effective and effective initiatives on the difficulties and challenges facing our disabled and elderly people in daily life.

As a result, weaknesses and deficiencies have been prevented with legal and legal support and important steps have been taken in order to increase the quality of life of our people.

As our Güven Asansör, our ultimate goal is to be among the forerunners and to be a success when we start to produce stair lifts and platform lifts in our country one day.